How to reconnect a Hive

If your Hive Thermostat is showing as offline in your Hive app, it means it has lost connection to the Hive Receiver.

Step 1

Press the tab on the base of the thermostat to remove it from the wall.

Step 2

Remove the batteries and put them straight back in again. This will turn the thermostat off and on which should help establish a connection to the receiver.

Step 3

Place the thermostat back on the wall, the thermostat should then display a ‘Reconnecting’ message.

Step 4

Once you see an inside temperature again, try to turn the heating on. Turn the dial clockwise to increase the target temperature.

If the heating is on you will see an “ON” message on the thermostat display.

Step 5

When you can see that the ‘status’ and ‘central heating’ lights on the receiver have turned green you’re done!

If your thermostat is still showing a ‘No Signal’ message, your heating devices should be manually reset and paired.

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