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At JR Plumbing, we are qualified to install your new Oil, Gas or LPG boiler.

The Greenstar Style Boilers

The brand new boiler range from Worcester Bosch feature a new modern design and are packed with new innovative features that help to keep your home warm and your boiler working at its best.

Style and Power

Packed with innovative new features which help keep your boiler performing at its best, Style is developed to suit virtually any domestic heating requirement.

It is the most powerful and connected wall hung boiler yet,
and comes with the renowned reliability of Worcester Bosch technology.

The Style range is capable of delivering up to 50kW with the highest hot water flow rates of any wall hung combi-boiler on the market. This makes the Greenstar Style boiler range perfect for homes of any size, with the power to efficiently heat large homes with two or more bathrooms.

  • We understand that changing your boiler can be a big decision, which is why we aim to make buying a new Worcester boiler as easy as possible. We are proud to be Worcester Bosch accredited installers who are fully trained and specialise in Worcester Bosch installations. We can offer exclusive benefits to homeowners and are proud to support our local community. No installation is the same and our expert heating engineers can provide you with crucial advice and free, no-obligation quotes.
  • Yes, we are currently able to offer 6 or 10 months interest free finance to help cover the cost of the new boiler installation. An optional initial deposit would reduce the monthly repayments.  As with all finance arrangements, a credit check will be required before finance can be offered. We will be able to explain this to you and you should normally expect an answer back on whether you have been approved for finance within 24 hours.
  • You can receive up to a 12-year guarantee on selected models that are fitted with a Greenstar System Filter.  Your installer will be able to talk you through the models and guarantees available.
  • This is always worth considering and your engineer should be able to give you some advice on the availability of the parts and labour costs for completing the boiler fix. It can be that the cost of the boiler repair is more expensive than a new installation, so request a quotation for the boiler repair and a new boiler installation.

  • In the 2020 Boiler Brands report carried out by Which? Worcester Bosch scored brilliantly once again, being awarded Which? Best Buys across their entire Greenstar Gas and Oil boiler ranges.
    Worcester Bosch performed exceptionally where it matters, notably for reliability, build quality, customer score and recommendation. In addition, they have over 23,000+ positive reviews on Trustpilot.

  • It can be that your current system at home might not be right for your requirements. We will complete a ‘home survey’ and part of this survey is to fully understand your requirements.
    At this stage, it is important to let your installer know how you use your central heating & hot water. As an example, you may have a regular system installed and storing a cylinder full of hot water, but based on your requirements you are actually not using much of it –
    which means the remainder will cool off and be wasted. Additionally, if you are planning any future extensions at your home, this is also the time to inform your installer so they can consider this when suggesting the right new replacement boiler.
    Your installer may ask you to consider replacing your regular system boiler with a combi boiler. In this instance, you may want to consider changing to a combi boiler, so that you will only be heating the water you need.

  • If you are changing your boiler type (for example from a regular system to a combi boiler). Then it is also advisable to upgrade to the latest controls, that will help keep your home energy-efficient.

  • It is important to check with your installer when discussing your new boiler whether there will be potentially any issues with your water pressure or shower. If a new shower is required, then you could always ask for this to be included as part of your quotation.

  • If you are looking to protect your investment in a new boiler and make it last as long as possible, then fitting a Worcester Bosch magnetic filter can really help.

    • Keeps your boiler running efficiently.
    • Helps to reduce running costs
    • Get a longer guarantee on your new boiler
    • It prolongs the life of your boiler
  • We ask for a deposit payment as materials will need to be purchased prior to the installation. It also confirms the work to start. The remaining balance is paid upon completion.

  • This will be your personal choice. There will likely be some disruption whilst the installation is in progress, but your installer will keep you fully briefed.

  • A boiler installation usually takes between 1-3 days to complete depending on the complexity of the job. However, most straightforward like for like swaps can be carried out in the space of a day. The installation process and length of time then varies depending on your

  • On some occasions minor electrical works may need to be carried out.

  • Your first instance is to call the office and they will arrange to revisit your property to investigate the problem.  We have a very good ‘after-sales’ service and will get the problem solved as quick as possible.

  • Here are some of the steps your installer may take when fitting your new boiler:

    – The removal of the current boiler is a typical place installers will start. The length of time this takes again depends on the complexity of the job and the existing system.
    – The fitting of your new boiler may require changes or upgrades to your pipework. Pipework may not be a straightforward job, so have the potential to take up a large amount of the installer’s time.
    – The installer will fit your new boiler either in the location of your old boiler, or in a new location. You can change the location of your boiler, however moving your boiler will take extra time and cost. It is important to listen to the installers recommendations.
    – Your installer should recommend a system filter is fitted alongside your new boiler inline with British Standards best practice. A system filter is designed to protect your boiler from any debris or sludge that may occur over time. The system filter ensures your boiler remains efficient and as ‘clean’ as possible, providing the whole house with system comfort. Additionally, other accessories will be fitted such as a control, filling loops, flue and any other accessories you may have purchased
    – Once your new boiler is fully installed and the relevant pipework completed, your installer will commission the system to ensure everything is working as it should.
    – Make sure your installer completes a handover with you once the work is finished so you’re as informed as possible, know how to operate the boiler, use the controls and understand some basic maintenance checks that you may have to do during the boiler’s lifetime; such as topping the pressure up in the system and bleeding a radiator.
    – We will register the boiler with the boiler manufacturer so your product’s guarantee is valid, making sure you are covered if you are unfortunate enough to experience any issues as well as Gas Safe or Oftec depending on the fuel type of the installation.

  • Currently, Building Regulations state that all local authorities need to be informed when a gas boiler is installed in a property. We will do this once the installation has been completed and you should receive a certificate in the post to show that this has been done.

  • In order to maintain the guarantee an annual boiler service is required. A service is a regular check of the boiler’s installation, its performance and safety. You may want to think about organising this in the summer months to avoid being caught out during the winter.

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