Boiler Repairs

At JR Plumbing, we are qualified to carry out boiler repairs on Oil, Gas or LPG boilers.

Need a boiler repair? One of our highly trained and qualified engineers will be able to attend, diagnose and repair your boiler hassle-free.

Boilers can breakdown for a number of reasons. Annual servicing helps avoid breakdowns and ensures your boiler is working efficiently and safely.

To help avoid a boiler breakdown, please see our top tips below…

Service your boiler annually

Having your boiler serviced annually is the best way to help avoid a boiler breakdown.

Many boiler warranties and home insurance policies require you to complete an annual service to ensure your boiler is safe.

The best time to book a boiler service tends to be the warmer months as then it is ready to keep you and your family warm during the colder period.

Learn how your boiler works

Knowing how your boiler works can help you notice signs that something is wrong and anticipate problems before they cause an inconvenience. If you have lost the manual, check online as most boiler manufacturers make these available on their website.

Maintain your central heating

Looking after your central heating system can also help avoid a boiler breakdown.  Ensuring it is running well with no air locks can reduce the possibility of a boiler breakdown.

Bleed your heating system via the bleed valves on your radiators.  This is a relatively simple thing to do at home.

Boiler breakdown

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