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Name of Business
JR Plumbing & Heating Solutions LTD 10374325 is registered with companies house.

Address of registered Business/Office
2 Morton Close
North Marston
MK18 3PT

Tel: 01296 670777


Regulated by
Gas Safe
Gas Safe I.D: 229914
To verify my I.D Please visit:


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Occasionally unforeseen matters arise which require additional work to be completed. Should any problem occur,
this will be brought to your attention as soon as possible. Any additional costs, time or extra work required will be discussed with you and your approval required for me to proceed.
Occasionally matters arise in which changes to your system/ new system / new parts can make alternations to the level of noise you are use to hearing from your system. We can not be held responsible for this although we will always try to resolve any problems where possible, payment can not be held back in these situations.
All surface mounted pipe work will be completed in copper unless it is not possible or practical to do so. Any plastic pipe work run in loft-space, voids or floor spaces will be done using high quality Hepworth pipe and fittings unless stated otherwise.
Throughout the duration of this job there are certain to be periods of time where there will be no central heating, no hot water and no water available during the day. It is difficult to specify how long these periods will be however they will be kept to a minimum. You will not be left without a mains water supply over night.
Please note for the installation of pressurised central heating systems, system boilers, combination boilers and pressurised hot water systems it will be necessary to convert pipework in your house over to high pressure. When this happens it will put more strain onto existing pipes and fittings and at times can cause original pipes and fittings to fail. Should this happen I will not be liable for any damage caused. This is unlikely to happen however it is a risk I cannot take without your consent.
Emergency site work will be carried out at a rate of £60.00 per hour for each engineer on site.
We will only carry out work agreed on this quotation, for additional work another quotation will need to be raised.
Unless stated otherwise I will not be responsible for making good, plastering, carpentry, decorating, flooring, tiling boxing in of pipes and removal of rubbish.
We will not be responsible for removal of any dangerous waste materials, such as asbestos, that I could not reasonably identify when i gave you your quotation. You can and may need to call a specialist contractor to remove these dangerous materials or we may be able to arrange for them to be removed at an extra cost. Once asbestos is removed you will need to produce a ‘site clearance for reoccupation’ certificate, which you can get from the asbestos removal company, before I can continue to work at your property.
The customer is liable for any asbestos related works, and any costs relating to the presence of this material in their property.

Company Registration Number 10374325 VAT Number 208 896 568
We will be responsible for the removal of all scrap metal.
We will not be accountable for any issues caused due to low water pressure.
We will not be responsible for broken floor boards or chip board. At the end of the job all boards which have been lifted will be fixed back down using wood screws.
All electrical work carried out will be compliant with “Part P” of the building regulations.
All work carried out on your heating system will be compliant with “Part L” of the building regulations.
All work carried out on your domestic water systems will be compliant with “The water supply (water fittings) regulations act 1999” All work carried out on your domestic gas supply pipework will be in accordance with The Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations act 1998.

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