Boiler Servicing

Why should have your boiler serviced regularly?  At JR Plumbing, we are qualified to service your Oil, Gas or LPG boiler.  Below we cover the main reasons for having your boiler serviced regularly.  At the bottom of the page you can even request a call back from one of our team to book an appointment.

How often should a boiler be serviced?

Many boiler warranties and home insurance policies require you to complete an annual service to ensure your boiler is safe.

The best time to book a boiler service tends to be the warmer months as then it is ready to keep you and your family warm during the colder period.

Save money on your energy bills

Ensuring your boiler is serviced regularly helps ensure it is running smoothly and efficiently.  This will mean that it uses less fuel and is more reliable and therefore saves you money.

Pick up on issues before they worsen

During a boiler service, our team will inspect many parts of the boiler and mean that if there is a minor problem, they can advise you about the best way forwards before the problem gets worse.

Are you a landlord? It is a legal requirement to have your boiler serviced

If you are renting out a property, you are legally obliged to service the boiler and any other gas burning appliances using a Gas Safe registered engineer.  Our team will check the boiler and flues to ensure the boiler is in a safe state and provide you with a Landlord Safety Certificate.

If you are a tenant and know that the boiler has not been serviced, it is best to contact your landlord in the first instance.  However, the landlord is not responsible for safety checks on any gas appliances owned by you, or any flues that solely connect to your own gas appliances.

Keeping you safe

Ensuring your boiler is serviced regularly will help it run efficiently and safely.  If you fail to service it regularly, it may be putting you and your family at risk of a house fire or carbon monoxide poisoning.

During a boiler service, our engineers will not only check the boiler and flue but also the gases it is emitting and that your flue is not leaking giving you peace of mind.

It doesn’t take long to service a boiler

On average, it takes around 30 minutes to fully service a gas boiler and about an hour for an oil boiler

Our engineers will ensure they are tidy, clean and quick so you can get on with the rest of your day.