Phillip – Kitchen

We had previously renovated Mr and Mrs George’s bathroom and they were so pleased with our work that they invited us back to renovate their kitchen, utility and toilet.

Kitchen refit day 1-2

The first two days were spent decommissioning any electrical or gas appliances and removing the old kitchen units.

Kitchen Refit Day 3-4 Electricians

Days 3 and 4 our electrical team were on site getting the room ready for the new lighting and appliances.

Kitchen Refit Day 6-7 Front & Rear Doors

Part of this project was not only to renovate the kitchen but to also replace the front and rear doors to the property.  Not only are they more secure, but they look great.

Kitchen Refit Day 8 Prep for Plastering

Day 8 was set aside to prepare the area for our plastering team.

Kitchen Refit Day 9 Plastering

On day 9 our plastering team moved in and skimmed the kitchen and other areas.

Kitchen Refit Day 16-18 Tiling

Once the plaster had dried our tiling team were there to get the new floor tiling down through from the front door all the way through to the rear.

Kitchen Refit day 19 Painted walls & ceiling

Our painting team stepped in on day 19 to give the area a few coats of paint in preparation for the kitchen units and appliances being installed.

Kitchen Refit Day Kitchen Units Fitted

The kitchen units and appliances were then brought in and installed and fine adjustments made to ensure they all lined up perfectly.

Kitchen Refit Stone Worktops

Once the kitchen units and other appliances had been fitted and connected up it was time for the stone worktop to be fitted by our specialist team.

Finished Kitchen

The finished kitchen is now in place and looking great.  Mr and Mrs George are really happy with the outcome and loving cooking in their new kitchen.